Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

Marriages are made in heavens and friendships are made on earth. But what if you mix the two? Meaning what if you marry your best friend? Not sure if it is a good idea? Well, we on the contrary think that it totally is a very good idea. Not convinced? You will be once you read the reasons why we think so.



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1. No Gender Related Ego:

Men are often criticised for their big male egos, but when you become friends with a person of opposite sex, you learn about their struggles and lives, due to which you understand how misplaced your ego is. Women too undergo similar realisation and hence when they become best friends, they leave their gender associated egos aside. This carries forward to your marriage as well.




2. Mutual Interests:

Two people often become friends over their mutual interests. So, the chances are that if you marry your best friend, then you will have a lot of common talking points and mutual interests. Your married life will never be out to hobbies and activities to do together.



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3. Minimal Adjustments:

You have spent so much time together that you have got used to each others’ lives. You know what you like about each other and what annoys you. But as friends you have learnt to live with those annoying habits of each other and this will get carried forward in your marriage too, needing you to adjust late after marriage.




4. Knowledge of Likes and Dislikes:

You both already know each other in and out. You know what the other person likes and what she doesn’t so you all your actions even post marriage will surround around her tastes and favourites. You will be able to buy anything for her quickly and the permanent question, will she like it or not, will not worry you.



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So, men, take a look at your best friend again, maybe she is the person best suited for you to spend your life. Maybe she is your soulmate. Maybe she is the one who you have been looking for. Think about it and see if you too should marry your best friend. For those who don’t have a female best friend, well, find one.