Why you must visit Kerala during Onam

Onam is the biggest and most important festival of the year in Kerala. It’s a harvest festival that also marks the start of the new year on the Malayalam calendar. A huge range of activities take place across the state for over two weeks. Here are some of the best Kerala Onam festival attractions for you to enjoy.




1. Celebrations To Experience:

Thrikkakara Temple is particularly associated with the Onam Festival. Celebrations commence with a special flag hoisting ceremony and continue for the 10 days with cultural, music, and dance performances. A highlight is the grand procession on the day before Onam. The main deity, Vamana, is carried around the temple grounds on an elephant, followed by a group of caparisoned elephants. This is something you shouldn’t miss.



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2. Week Long Partying:

Kerala Tourism puts on a huge week-long Onam celebration at around 20 venues in the state’s capital, Trivandrum. The festivities include stage shows folk art, food stalls, and handicraft fairs. It all culminates in a grand parade on the last day, complete with floats and decorated elephants- our very own desi carnival!



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3. A Treat For The Tongue:

The sheer variety and types of food that are prepared for Onam are staggering. Stacked up and served in the classical South Indian style in a banana leaf, this is something you would want to experience first-hand to know how amazing it truly is.



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4. Traditional Plays And Skits:

There are various different kinds of plays showcased all over the state, the most famous of them being the Tiger play. Hundreds of grown men dressed up as tigers and dancing to the beat drumming instruments are a cherished feature of Onam celebrations.



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5. Snake Boat Races:

Competitions are another highlight of the Kerala Onam festival. The Boat Race is not only the most famous one, but it’s also among the oldest traditions in Kerala. Unlike the others, the focus is more on tradition than competition. It is an exhilarating experience to actually spectate one of these races.




It’s time to pack your bags and book your tickets guys. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience the raw culture of our country.