Why You Must Visit India’s Neighbours

India is the seventh largest country in the world, as it is quite for a country so vast and geographically and culturally diverse; India has got a lot of scope for tourism. However, if you step a little beyond India’s borders, then too you will find some great holiday destinations. Yes, we are talking about India’s neighbours- Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan to be specific. Let us look at the reason why each of these countries needs to be visited.



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1. Pakistan:

We were one some decades ago and therefore we share a heritage that is thousands of years old. You should visit Pakistan to see this shared heritage. The forts in Lahore, the fields of Punjab, the streets of Karachi- all tell the story of a happy past that comprised the golden years of the two countries. Also, Pakistan’s natural beauty is as stunning as India’s, be it its beaches on Arabian Sea or its Himalayan mountains in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.



2. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is famous among Indians for being the abode of the evil king Ravana from the story of Ramayana. Sri Lanka, however, has lot more to it. It has beautiful beaches and is full of natural greenery. The people are warm and jovial and the food is tasty. Also, to satiate your interest in Ramayana, it has sites that are claimed to be belonging to the mythological Ramayana age.



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3. Nepal:

Nepal, due to it pre-dominant Hindu culture and landscape seems very familiar and home like. It has beautiful Himalayan mountains which make its major hill stations as good as any Indian hill station. Its capital Kathmandu is one of the major attractions, apart from various peaks and temples in the country. Though the 2015 earthquake devastated the country, tourism is getting back on track rapidly.




4. Bhutan:

It is considered one of the happiest countries in the world and you will realise why when you visit it and meet its people and learn about their lives. This small Himalayan kingdom is predominantly Buddhist and is therefore very calm and peaceful. There are various Buddhist monasteries that need to be definitely visited and the natural beauty of the country is mesmerising.



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Travellers often go to Europe for holidays, but India’s neighbouring countries too are no less in entertaining than various European countries that people visit. Visiting these countries will help you understand your neighbours better, which is important for you. It will also, indirectly, understand your own India better.