Why You Must Travel To China At Least Once

China is like a wonderland that reminds us of lavish sets of many Hollywood movies. The red republic boasts of a culture that’s a thousand years old and is dotted with mystic ancient wonders. China is a country that you will fall in love with the moment you set your foot on its soil. Here are a few reasons why you must include China in your travelling bucket list.



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1. Great Wall of China:

China is a treasure trove of beautiful sights and the Great Wall of China is counted amongst one of its most cherished treasures. It is 21,196 km long and is more than 2300 years old. Badaling is the most famous section of the wall. It has been visited by more than 300 VIPs from all over the world. This world heritage site is worth seeing in one’s lifetime.




2. Country of festivals:

Though the culture of India differs from that of China but both the countries celebrate a lot of festivals. Some of the most important festivals in the Chinese calendar are Lantern Festival, Chinese New Year, Qingming (Tomb Sweeping) Festival, Winter Solstice, and Double Seven Festival. Being part of these traditional festivals will make you fall for this lovely country and its people.



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3. Transportation is cheap:

Local transportation in China is quite cheap. With an extensive network of buses and metro rail, you will always find a way to reach wherever you want to quickly without burning a hole in your pocket.




4. World Class Food:

While you may not initially like the taste of Chinese food but you will slowly develop a liking for it. The Chinese platter is both large and delicious, so you will always be spoilt for choice.Don’t forget to eat fried pickled cabbage and bean sprouts while you are there.



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In nutshell, China is a great place to visit. So just pack your bags and get set for an expedition of a lifetime!