What to do if you are dating the ‘independent girl’?

If you are in a relationship with ‘I will pay my share’, ‘don’t buy me expensive gifts’ lady, consider yourself lucky. Yes, it calls for a bit of confusion and much misunderstanding but this girl knows her responsibilities and CAN handle them well.

So, don’t worry and simply remember these tiny details when a conflict arises.

1. Give Her Time:

If she likes doing her bit for the relationship, don’t criticise her and get mad. Encourage her and appreciate her. She knows her finances, her worth and would like you to know the same. If she insists on dividing the bill, go ahead. Pay your share and move on. Don’t make that the crux of your relationship. If she prefers gifts that are not too expensive and decently priced, there really is nothing wrong in that. The more time you give her, the more she’ll appreciate your companionship.


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2. If Safety is your Concern:

If she doesn’t like it when you drop her home or pick her up when it gets late at office – either strike a deal or let her be. The main concern for anyone anywhere is ‘safety’. Discuss this with her patiently and calmly, there is absolutely no reason she won’t understand your point of view. As long as her safety is taken care of, you can be at peace.




3. Don’t Dislike her Independence:

She is fiercely independent and that worries you. In a relationship, it is nice to be responsible for the other person. However, if the responsibility is shared between two people, it creates the perfect balance. So, don’t dislike her independence, instead imbibe it in your relationship and make it a part of your dynamics.




4. See Her for Her:

There is nothing more important than acceptance in a healthy relationship. If her independence is such a concern for you, the apt thing to do would be – talk. Talk, discuss, argue and accept. That probably is the biggest gift you can give her. Accept her for who she is and see the positivity it brings into your relationship.




So best of luck and remember that you are a lucky man to have a girl who knows her importance and yours!