What differentiates Indian Couples from Western couples

Firstly, not all Indian love stories are out of a Sooraj Barjatya film. But yes-Indian couples are different from Western couples and so are their families, neighbor aunties, and chachis.

What differentiates Indian Couples from Western couples

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1.Kissing behind the Flowers :

Technically no we do not hold a sunflower and kiss, but yes there are a lot of romances that blossom in parks and gardens of our country. Indian couples date but forget how many people they have to hide it from because if Sharma aunty finds out the whole society finds out. So what better place to romance than a public park? Western couples, on the other hand, have parents who encourage them to bring their partners home that means there is very less park kissing. They can hug on the street and no one cares but in India there is Bittu Ji’s son or a Sharma aunty always looking so one’s got to be careful.

Kissing behind the Flowers

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2.Arranged love stories :

Well, who can forget matrimonial websites in India? Even though the trend is changing, Indian parents are still very pro-arranged marriages. A bio data is made, boys are shortlisted, and tea is prepared along with a Q&A form. The lovers are made to visit temples and that’s perhaps their only visit to get to know each other. Western parents have no such ideas and couples are free to meet each other at their leisure and indulge in ways they would like to, to get to know their compatibility.

Arranged love stories

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3.Multiple Dating :

It is perfectly acceptable to date several people at once in the West. Dating is just as much of a social outing as attending a ladies kitty party with your mother in India. For Indian couples, monogamy among married couples is the practice and dating is not typically allowed until a marriage has been agreed to. Exceptions are made now and couples have more interaction with each other before marriage. However, marriage and babies are the core objectives of the whole process. Western couples are more pro-open relationships and multiple partners. The couple may choose to have a baby without a marriage and all will be fine.

Multiple Dating

Despite all the cultural upbringing and challenges, couples from both Indian and Western families face an equal amount of pressure and happiness.