Ways to Save Money on Accomodation While Travelling

You may be a wanderer, follow hippie fashion, and be a total traveler at heart. But you may not always have the biggest budget. Here are some ways to save money when it comes to your accommodation:




1. Couch Surfing:

Definitely the best way to get free accommodation! Couch surfing is a cultural programme where a willing host allows you to stay at their house rent free. You get up and close with the locals, get inside tips on the tourist attractions, and save a lot of money on lodging!




2. Hostels:

You may be hesitant to stay in a hostel as you think it might have sketchy security and all night parties. Yes, there are some hostel like that but there are also saif and laid back options. Age is also no bar, don’t think you’re to young or old to stay in a place like this. A place like this may not have food provisions though, so don’t just hog on junk food, and follow a healthy diet plan for men.




3. Air Bnb:

This is website where people rent out the extra bedrooms in their apartment. Usually much cheaper than a motel or inn, it’s a comfortable space in a local house wherever you are visiting. Check it out to see if there are rooms available at your destination spot. Remember though, you will be staying at someone’s house, so keep your manners in check and don’t forget how to groom yourself properly.




4. Camping:

If you’re a nature lover, then camping is the easiest and cheapest thing for you to do. If you’re just camping for a couple of days then you can rent your gear from around your vacation spot, but if it’s for longer, then it’s probably cheaper to bring your own gear. You’ll be out in nature, so you’ll probably also get in some good exercise for men.



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5. Monastries, Temples, & Church Stays:

In a lot of countries, staying in a religious establishment is not only a fascinating experience but also usually quite cheap or even free. It’s a great way to save money, but you should keep in mind that is this is not a place to party it up. Depending on where you’re staying, you might even get a few free meals.



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Check out these options the next you set out on a vacation as they will definitely help you save a bit on your accommodation spending!