Travel Single with a Twist

If you are skeptical about meeting your true love on a trip, something like you saw on a TV show or a movie- there’s some good news – you need not be.

If you’re single it’s possible to ditch your laptop for a while, hop on a plane, head to your favourite destination and meet the love of your life. (No guarantee they will be like those super models, though)




Unlike what most of you think, travelling single doesn’t mean reading books on an isolated beach and eyeing those love struck couples. There are few people around, who understand you and are into organizing trips for that purpose only.


2 is one of them. Yes, as the name suggests, they organize cruise only for singles. The price might be little higher, but it’s worth the deal. From private Single activities like cocktail parties to events with equal number of men and women, they’ll keep you entertained. Sounds like a movie scene, isn’t it?




If you are not a sea person, there’s for you. A limited number of guests with an equal number of men and women on an exotic beach, seems like a dream vacation! From pool side massage to relaxing on the beach with a drink, they offer you the best.




So, pack your bags, bid farewell to your loneliness and have a time of your life on a single vacation. You might not get hooked, but you’ll surely make a lot of friends from all over the world.