10 Places to Visit in India for an Adrenaline Rush

Adventure, thrill and unbound excitement – these are the markings of an exhilarating holiday. Next time you are travelling on a timeline with adventure on your mind, you may want to look at these places in India.

1. Paragliding, Ladakh:

The cold desert of India welcomes you with much more than sheer beauty! It has tons of adventure, if you know where to look. Get another perspective from 4000m above sea water while you are swishing around in your glider. With fierce winds gushing you over the valley, there is little else you’ll want at that moment. Lamayuru is the perfect place to try the daredevil stunt. You could also look at Tsemo Gompa and Stok Kangri for more options.





2. River Rafting, Zanskar:

Head to the Doda River in Ladakh and tackle some turbulent currents as you have the time of your life. A sure shot adrenalin rush in one of the most beautiful places in the world and you are set for a memorable holiday. Don’t miss the popular Drung Durung glacier once you are done with your rafting spree.




3. Chadar Trek:

People from across the globe come to India for this one. Stunning, physically exhausting and mind blowing, this trek on the frozen Zanskar River is awe inspiring to say the least. With temperatures as low as -25ºC, this one is surely going to test your strength, determination and mind! Prepare well in advance before you set out.




4. A visit To The Caves, Meghalaya:

The Nohkalikai falls and the famous 7 Sister falls are ready to give you the time of your life. Head to the popular Thangkharang Park, an eco- park and visit the Mawsmai caves, considered to be the deepest caves in Asia and explore the unknown. The caves can tend to be a little spooky for the uninformed. Our suggestion – do your research well and be prepared for break from all civilization.




5. Camp under the Living Bridge

Nestling across the fierce streams of Meghalaya, this scenic living bridge is known as Jingkieng Nongriat. Also called the Double Decker, the bridge is the main attraction of the area. Filled with deep gorges and valleys, it is mesmerising to say the least. Set up your camps in a safe spot and set out to discover the untamed wild. Must-visit trekking spot: David Scott trails.



6. Snorkelling, Andaman

Yes, there may not be enough adventure in Snorkelling. But there is ample excitement if you are snorkelling with an elephant! Head to the stunning Andaman Islands and take this irresistible opportunity of swimming with the elephants. Graceful, gentle and mesmerising, elephants are a company unlike any other when you are under water.




7. Snake Boat Race, Kerala

This one completely depends on your luck. If you can convince the locals to let you participate OR if you can manage to ride the complicated snake boat, this is your ticket to adventure! The famous snake boat ride in Kerala is a fantastic experience for adventure seekers. Some of the famous ones are Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali and Nehru Trophy Boat Race.




8. Trekking, Chembra

The highest peaks in Wayanad, Chembra offers much for the trekkers. At an altitude of 2100m above sea, the trek is strenuous, difficult and takes almost 2 hours to reach the top. But the beauty of your surroundings will stun you into oblivion. So go ahead and enjoy this southern stunner.




9. Off roading, Kutch

Scorching heat, little vegetation and almost no signs of human life – you have entered the barren land of Kutch. Now put in a 4*4 drive in the picture and get ready for the ride of your life. Explore the famous wildlife sanctuary here while you are at it.




10. Trekking, Skeleton Lake

Situated at a height of 3224 m, the trek is fairly easy to tackle, provided you are a trekker. Passing through the stunning landscapes of Badrinath, Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peaks, this trek may sound a little spooky but is definitely worth your time.