Top 3 Travelwear For India Men

Travelling becomes cumbersome when you can’t decide what will be the right dress for you during your travel. Indian men tend to carry loads of garments, that sometimes remains just nicely packed during the entire trip! Given below are the latest fashion for men in India as a part of their travel wear:

1. Casual look :

If you are relaxed and don’t have formal companion in your travel, chose the clothing that makes a statement while you travel. Men new style is to wear along with your travel bad, a light-colored beanie, pair of deep colored denims or chinos, matching bomber jacket, and a loos T shirt contrasting the rest of your dress. Keep two sets of shoes preferably loafers and matching sneakers.

Casual look


2. Formal look :

If you are on business travel, or have business meetings lined up, your formal clothing needs to stay wrinkle-free, so make your choices of attire based on this premise. A black attire is always recommended during the travel, contrast it with the white shirt and bright colored Tie or Pocketsquare. Your shoes should be formal well-polished and wrinkle-free.

Formal look


3. Semi-formal look :

If you have travelling time is high, it’s better to transform yourself into semi-formal attire, wherein dark colored formal jackets can be wore with loose pants with bottom creased folds. New fashion style for men states to wear this attire with white sneakers, you’ll look awesome.

Semi-formal look