Things you must pack for a monsoon vacation

Staying comfortable during the monsoon in India can be a real task, and vacation during the season is an even bigger headache. However, there are some hacks you can swear by when packing for a monsoon vacation. Travelling during the rains can be troublesome, but the lush green trees, pleasant weather, and picturesque landscape make up for all the inconvenience. If you are out and about in the rains, it is important to pack smart. Just keep in mind our little pointers, and they can help you experience a destination during the monsoon in an entirely different light.

Things you must pack for a monsoon vacation


1. Trench Coat :

A modest yet comfortable monsoon menswear, the trench coat is effortlessly stylish and current fashion trends for men. Long trench coats will keep you well prepared for any unexpected showers during your travel. With fast changing fashion styles, there are numerous options for men to pick from an array of colours and fabrics. It is best to choose a neutral colour that is waterproof, and it will be your best friend through the trip.

Trench Coat

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2. Sneakers :

Closed waterproof sneakers are a must have item if you want clean feet during the monsoon. Boots can be uncomfortable, and rubber slippers will make your feet more prone to dirt and skin infections. Opt for a casual yet comfortable pair of sneakers that you can team with all your outfits. After all, just because it is a monsoon vacation doesn’t mean you can’t follow the latest fashion trends for men!


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3. Waterproof Watch :

Every man should own at least one good watch, but two never hurt anybody. Invest in a good quality water resistant watch, with an understated design and unique functions. A timeless accessory for men, watches are like conversation starters. With over hundred options of waterproof watches in the market, pick one that makes a statement and matches your personality.

Waterproof Watch

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4. Shorts :

You don’t want wet jeans weighing you down as you advent a fun vacation? Pack light, cotton shorts that are comfortable to move around in and dry off quickly if they happen to get wet. Also, avoid very light colours like whites and nudes as they stain easily. Instead, opt for brighter hues that will add a pop of colour to your outfit and the gloomy weather.


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5. Umbrella :

You may have your trench coat, but if you want to explore the city and stay dry from top to toe, an umbrella should be perfect to keep you dry. Pack a small, foldable one that is convenient and does not take up too much space in your luggage.



As long as you are packing rain appropriate items, there is no way that the rains can wash away your holiday spirit. These are just a few basic requirements that are useful when packing for a monsoon vacation; add these to your list and be in sync with latest fashion for men even during the rains!