Things You Must Never Say To A Woman

Feminism has been soaring high since the past few years and more and more men seem to be ardent supporters of its cause, but at the same time, these very men tend to pass sexist and insensitive remarks and ask questions, which at their outset may seem to be compliments and completely harmless, but at a deeper level, they are remarks that you must keep away from. Let us look at a few remarks and questions which we overlook as being sexist.



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1. You are not like other girls, you are different:

Although at the first glance, this remark may rather seem to be a compliment about how you are ‘not like other women’, but when seen through, it is a remark that you should never pass at a lady. By saying that she is not like other girls, you are telling her that other women are not really worthy of being talked to.



2. You are so pretty, why are you single?:

This question seems like a compliment but it’s not! Telling a girl that she is pretty and therefore she must be with some guy is downright sexist and insensitive. Although your intention may be to compliment her on her beauty, but do not forget that by telling her to be with a guy (obviously, you), you are attaching her beauty with the necessity to be with someone.



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3. I’m impressed you work out so well:

When women are told that it is rather impressive that despite being a woman they work out so well, the girl is not impressed by your compliment on how well she works out, but is rather annoyed at the insensitive comment. Telling a woman that she has the strength of a man is telling her that women do not have strength.



4. Obviously you can cut the queue; you are a girl:

No! They do not want special treatment and they do not want to cut the queue. Girls when told that their lives are easy because they are girls, that they can have their way wherever they want, is not a remark that any independent girl would appreciate. They do not ask for special favours but for equal rights. So don’t tell her that she will get a seat or a favour because she is a woman.



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So, remove those age old bifurcations between men and women from your head and step out of the shackles that let you make these inane remarks.