Things To Know About Musk’s Sports Car That Went Into Space

1. Guess what is new trend in fashion for men? Men new style is no more limited to hairstyle, beard and bikes, the curve of imagination has crossed the earth’s atmosphere. Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch recently had captured not just all-rounded public attention but also the conversations on social media.




2. The complete launch was streamed live, a video clip of the two booster rockets landing in tandem after the successful launch went viral and an iconic launch image of the cherry-red Tesla Roadster that Musk embedded in the capsule of the payload rocket was instantly flashed across the world. What really dazzled the onlookers was the astonishing car that zoomed into the space, without the rolling wheels and an astronaut-suited mannequin posed with its arm hanging out the side! See to believe, Earth looms in the background in a distinguishly large windshield.




3. The mind blowing video images are so impressive that you will have to negate your mind to believe in the world’s first car ever in space that moved seven miles per second toward the asteroid belt. The extreme skillfulness is depicted from the attitude and the language communicated by the team of SpaceX that added stage show of the posed mannequin and a dashboard screen displaying “DON’T PANIC.”




4. The world was actually surprised with the contrast of features that the Universe offers and that has been manufactured by humans. The elongated curves and aerodynamic, semi-organic shape gets overshadowed by the vastness of space, although the immaculate red color of the car completely battles outer the black background.




5. Big question that rose on the Twitter soon after the launch was, is Musk’s space car an art? Only time will tell us whether Musk will be able to fulfill his ambition to create a habitat in outer world, till then we can only appreciate the car’s coherent function that has added a new page into the chapter of communications.