Reasons Why You Look Older Than Same-Age Friends

You often look in the mirror and wonder why you look older than your same age networks. It is just not due to the color of your hair but also the fine lines, dry skin, even wrinkles that have probably started appearing on the face. We will tell you important reasons why is that happening so that you can instantly take corrective measures.

1. Amount of exposure :

The more is the exposure to the free radicals the more is your skin looks older and unhealthy. Therefore, it is recommended to always carry a waterless facewash and sunscreen wherever you go, to keep your skin protected from dirt, pollution and the exposure to the sun.



2. Water Intake :

Dehydration over the days, months and years starts reflecting on the face in the form of premature aging. Your body metabolism instantly gets affected due to reduced water intake, hence resulting in uneven blood circulation. The face is the first area where the signs become visible.



3. Amount of Stress :

If you are under constant stress, your face will reflect it. It is now proven that stress accelerates the process of aging the skin cells. As your skin cells become older, they tend to produce more oil and prone to acne.



4. Sugary Diet :

Eating too much sugar will make your skin prone to itching, as it causes various tissues across the body to become hard and wrinkled. Absorption of proteins and fats reduces, causing the formation of clumps, that is straight away reflected on the face.



5. Smoking :

One of the biggest reason why skin looks discolored and wrinkled is because the hemoglobin gets bounded with carbon monoxide giving your skin the dull look.



6. Sleep Deprivation :

If you sleep too less or too more, your facial skin will showcase the signs like dark circles, eye bags or swollen areas, it happens because of the improper blood circulation. It is advised to sleep early and wake up early to get fresh oxygen filled the air.

7. Drinking :

Drinking has a straight effect on the skin texture, the more frequently you drink more likely are the chances of getting folds of skin especially around your mouth.

8. Exercise for men :

According to research studies, exercise has direct benefits over aging. In fact, exercising is the natural answer to stay young. It is recommended to perform suggested gym workouts for men in the fresh oxygen filled the air, as blood rich in oxygen makes your skin tightened and robust.