5 reasons you shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ too soon

You like her, she likes you, it’s been a few dates and you know this is going somewhere but is it a good time to take it forward? Well, most men are boggled with questions when it comes to relationships, especially new relationships. Should you say that you love her, should you wait a bit, should you drop hints? It’s complicated, we know that.

So, here are a few tips that may help you make that crucial decision.

Wait for her to drop hints

You know she has a good time with you. She is open to more dates and you are constantly on the phone with each other but are you sure she is looking for something serious or is still thinking things over. If a girl thinks you are interested, there is a very high probability that she will drop hints. From sweet nothings to meaningful conversations (the kind of guy she wants to end up, her past relationships), usually women are quite vocal about what they want. So watch out for those tell-tale signs.




Do you really want to take the step?

Yes, there have been a few really amazing dates, she gets you really well and everything is going perfectly, but do you really want to say those three very important words. Think, reflect and then act, that is the best way to go about emotions in situations as confusing as these. The ‘perfect time’ is only when you think it is.




Is there any other reason to it than pure liking?

Are your friends insisting for you guys to get together or did you just go through a bad break-up? Before you take the step, make sure there is something really solid out there and not just reasons that you don’t truly believe in. Know that a relationship is a difficult and different deal with both people emotionally invested.




Time is the best answer

Give it time! This probably is the best advice anyone can offer you. Spend even more time together; see if your differences are bigger and more important than your similarities. Differences early on the relationship are fun to discover and even explore but with time they can be a cause for conflict in any relationship. So take time to really figure things out.

There is a higher power

If you haven’t said it yet, there has to be a reason – a good one at that. Expressing love is too spontaneous an emotion, one can’t time it neither can one control it. This probably implies, you know in your heart, there is still time before you can openly and unabashedly tell the girl how much you love her and how important she is in your life.




Our final tip:

Wait for the moment when none of this advice will hold true and you will just declare your love without another thought.