3 signs you have found the perfect girl

You have to somehow figure out whether the person you’re with is a keeper or not and that can be difficult. Yes, while it’s understandable that each man will be attracted to only a certain type of woman, there are signs one should be paying heed to, especially if you are really close to her.

Here are a few ways you can get to know her!

Complete Trust:

Though it might sound like a given, trust is and always will be a crucial base of any relationship. If the trust is brittle, it’ll never work out. When someone breaks someone’s trust, it causes a lot of grief & pain. And the more you trust that person, the more it will hurt.




Pain like this takes ages to heal. If you have been lucky enough to find a woman who you can trust blindly and moreover you wouldn’t imagine breaking her trust at all, then go for it!

More Positive Than Negative:

This might be a tricky one. And it might take you a long time to figure this one out, but once you do, you know. When you’re completely in love with someone, it might be difficult to understand how exactly that individual plays a major role in your life – or creates an impact.




There are people in your life who will support you, provide you with constructive criticism and help you learn. But there are others who want to bring out your flaws to hurt you, and you know by their tone that they want to hurt you. If your woman belongs to the latter category, then move away as soon as possible – the relationship will only bring you misery.

There Is Belief And She Is A Motivator:

You might be fortunate enough to live till 80. Finding a way to keep yourself motivated can be an uphill task, if not entirely impossible.





But the right woman can help you make a difference. She can make you realize the right and the wrong. She will support your dreams and help you do better no matter what. She will buck you up before an interview and she’ll be there the days you need her the most.

That woman is a perfect gift for you.