Solo Travel – The Good, Bad & Ugly

We’ve all seen those inspirational movies where a solo trip is the ultimate thing every man needs to do to ‘find himself’. It has almost become a rite of passage. There are however a lot of setbacks when it comes to travelling alone too. Here are some pros and cons you should consider before you decide to take that solo trip:




1. Expenses:

Your expenditure definitely goes up when you travel alone, unless you are very experienced and know exactly how to find the cheapest options for food and accommodation. Sharing a room, or a meal with more people usually is less expensive. However, if you play it smart then you can even bunk in places like monasteries or hostels at a very cheap rate.



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2. Solitude:

Now this depends on the sort of person you are. If you always like people around you, then there is a high chance you will get bored alone,unless you are charismatic enough to make friends wherever you go. If you like your alone time however, then there is nothing like a solo trip to help you discover yourself. You can even devote time to following some exercises for men and a healthy diet plan for men, which you usually don’t get the time to do when you have company.



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3. Safety:

Unless you’re the big, hulking, leather jacket wearing variety of men, you need to be careful when you travel alone. Depending on the sort of place you are visiting, you are more likely to be conned or robbed if you are alone. There is definitely safety in numbers when it comes to travelling.



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4. Exploring:

If you’ve decided to take a solo trip then chances are that you are an adventurous person. If that is the case, then you’ll have no trouble being the solo explorer. It’s easier to get into the nooks and crannies of any new place if you’re that harmless, single traveller, and people are more likely to welcome you into their groups if you are alone.



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So now you know the major pros and cons of travelling alone and it is up to you to decide whether to take that trip or not. However, if you plan it well, and don’t take unnecessary risks then it would be a life changing experience to go off on your own.