Small Ways To Show That You Care For Her

The foundation of a successful relationship is not based completely on the big sacrifices and efforts the a couple makes for each other. Real happiness lies in the smaller things of life. Whether it is showing gratitude or cooking a small meal every gesture in a relationship matters.




If you are with someone, here’s how you can always show that you care for her:

1. Say Thank You:

She made a hot cup of coffee for you? She lent her favourite book to you to read? She offered to listen to you talk about your problems? Well, if she is making an effort to be there for you—whether or not you ask for it—you should admire her for that. Thank her for the efforts she is putting in to be with you. These two words are magical!



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2. Compliment Her:

Every girl likes to be complimented. Even if she is not fishing for compliments, show her that you noticed. Make her feel wanted and appreciated for what she wears or how good she is with her work. But don’t overdo it.



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3. Write Her Sweet Notes:

There’s nothing better than whispering sweet nothings in the ear of your lover. But if she is not around or has gone off to work—slip a sweet note in her bag or text her a small poem you wrote yourself. Show her that you think about her even when you both are not together.




4. Surprise Her With Flowers And Chocolates:

These two things can get any girl going. Most girls are huge fans of beautiful, aromatic flowers, and chocolates provide instant happiness to them. Be the perfect gentleman by surprising your girl with these two gifts.




5. Cook For Her:

Whip up her favourite meal or arrange a takeaway from her favourite restaurant. The key to making a place for yourself in her heart is through her stomach. Don’t let that opportunity slip through your fingers.



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You might not realize the importance of what you share with her right now. Hence, get up and start showing her that you care. She might get taken aback initially, but she will definitely love you more than she ever had.