Signs That You Treat Women As Equals

With gender equality and feminism being such big issues in the world, and especially in India with so much discrimination against women happening being a man who treats women with equality and respect is really important. It’s the core ideal that women seek for in men that they treat them with respect and consider them as equals. Your fashion and style, your grooming products, your menswear, and looks and personality, don’t matter if you don’t treat women as equals. Here are signs that you are the guy who treats women with equality, much like what is said in the He Respect manifesto.




1. You Value Their Opinions:

One major sign which shows that a treat a woman equally is if you genuinely value her opinion from little things like what clothes to wear to big things like what jobs you should apply for. A special woman in your life deserves you to be respectful towards her opinions.



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2. You Don’t Put Them in a ‘Girly Box’:

Another big aspect of treating a woman equally is to let them define what they can and cannot do. Don’t assume that women don’t want to do adventurous/outdoorsy things just because they are women.



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3. You Don’t Presume Things About Them:

It’s so easy to say things like ‘women are bad drivers’. Don’t generalize women by what you perceive to be true. A woman can be a bad-ass driver, or martial arts fighter, or anything that a man can be.



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4. You Respect Them As Working Professionals:

It’s very important to respect a woman in her workspace and not treat her as inferior to men. Downgrading her opinions or not considering her ideas due to her gender is a very unprofessional and sexist thing to do.



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These are some important traits that show whether you treat a woman equally or not. Respecting them in all areas of life and valuing their opinions will go a long way in making you a better person and having women respect you back.