Signs that tell you that she is clearly not interested

Today, it can be hard for men to tell when a girl is attracted to them and when they’re just good friends. These unique creations of God confuse the other sex by their hot and cold behaviour. Despite being a complete gentleman, it is possible for a man to get friend zoned. So, here are some signs that indicate that she might just not be into you.

Signs that tell you that she is clearly not interested


1. She ignores you :

You can come up with as many excuses as you can, but if she ignores you, the truth is that she might not be interested. If she avoids your calls, messages or dodges you in person, the chances are high that she doesn’t want you around. Learn to see the obvious signs and move on to someone who is worth your time.

She ignores you

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2. She is distracted :

Everyone is busy these days. But if the woman you are with is constantly distracted, it is obvious that she’s not interested. Maybe she’s on her phone or darting the room around every once in a while, but if she is indifferent to your feelings, it might be the time to end things.

She is distracted

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3. She maintains a distance :

Remember the concept of personal space? Well, women love that. However, if she always withdraws herself when you move closer, it might be more than just personal space. Women make small gestures through their eyes and body language so, if she moves back, you need to understand and take the cue.

She maintains a distance

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4. She checks out other men :

A little peeping here and there is legit (and men do it too!). But if she is blatantly checking out other men in front of you, it doesn’t get any clearer than that. If you are not the guy she looks at, the way you look at her, take the hint. Maybe you are just another one in the crowd for her so, be real and move away.

She checks out other men

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5. She always brings a plus one :

If you have a date planned and it turns into a group affair, maybe she doesn’t want to be alone with you. Women love romantic dates, and it is usually the guy who has to be dragged into it. So, if it is the other way round for you, she probably is afraid of getting intimate and wants to maintain different paths. Take the cue and forget about moving to the next step.

She always brings a plus one

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Here are some signs to look out for when you meet a girl whom you fancy. Keep your eyes and ears open to avoid making a fool of yourself. The secret is just to accept and move on instead of being fixated on someone who is not interested in you.