Signs of a True Gentleman

It’s easy to spot a true gentleman, especially with the dwindling number these days. From being well turned out, to being courteous and respectful towards women, there are a lot of characteristics that make a man a gentleman. If you think you’re a true gentleman then you probably have all these qualities below:




1. Keeps his Partner Happy:

This is the most important thing when it comes to the making of a true gentleman. Keeping the woman in your life happy whether it’s your girlfriend or your wife is of utmost importance. Pay attention to her, show her you care, and win her over with love and affection.



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2. Well Groomed & Dressed:

A well-turned out man is always appreciated. It doesn’t always mean that you have to follow the latest trends in fashion and style, but following basic menswear guidelines and being well groomed is essential. Apart from your dressing sense, your personal hygiene is also important. A Gentleman stays clean and smells fresh with the help of deodorants like He Respect.



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3. Chivalrous:

Chivalry may have decreased but it isn’t dead yet. A gentleman is always chivalrous to those around him whether he knows them or not. From simple things like opening a door for a lady to helping people out with difficult things whenever you can. You’ll feel good about yourself and people will appreciate you more as well!



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4. Knows How to Take Care of Himself:

A gentleman isn’t just all show. He even knows how to take care of himself. Basic things like cooking and cleaning enough to survive without help for sometime are manageable by most men. A gentleman isn’t just fancy suits and table manners, he should be able to fend for himself in all ways too.



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5. HE Respects Women:

Most of all he respects women. He doesn’t patronize, he doesn’t belittle. He treats women as his equals. And not just his wife or girlfriend, but every woman around him. This is the biggest sign of a gentleman. For man like him, HE Respect is the perfect deodorant.




So these are some things that make a true gentleman. If you think you are one, or are striving towards being one then make sure you follow these points. If you don’t think you’re too trend savvy or dressy, then some classic fashion and basic grooming products can serve you well too.