Secrets that women never reveal to men

A woman believes that her power lies in mystery. She finds it more comfortable when she feels that her man doesn’t know everything there is to know about her. The truth, however is that every man who cares about his loved one would want to know these secrets in order to keep her happy. Some such things can be guessed while others are secrets:




1. Her girlfriends are who she vents to:

How much they share with their girlfriends about every detail of their lives is something that we can never comprehend. Do not push her to open it up because she will not admit it but the truth is that most of those good or bad details are just an open book to her pals. She believes that there are parts of her life that she can talk about to them and not you; and that is something we must all live with.




2. She wants to be led:

It is somewhere deep down in every woman, even the one who plays the independent girl; your woman wants to feel taken care of and for the man to become a leader in the relationship as well as the family. This leadership can be anywhere from the bed, on the road or just about anywhere else.




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3. How much her last shopping spree cost:

Since women think that we men are always fussy about costs, they will always under quote so as to please you. The trouble is when they like something at the shop, they won’t waste time haggling over the price – lest they miss it. Just know that women will always hide their spending no matter what.




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4. Your woman worries a lot about commitment:

Another one of women’s secrets is the fact that your woman worries a lot about commitment or lack of it for that matter. She wants to be sure that committing to you will not be a mistake, even though she has spent all her formative years thinking about prince charming and a big white wedding. Do your best to make sure you make her feel secure even though she might not actually express any concern.




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We hope these insights into the secret lives of the women around us are helpful to you. Keep in mind that trespassing onto her personal space won’t be treated kindly. Getting to know her without having to ask her is probably the best way to go about it as she doesn’t feel an intrusion into her life.