Reasons Why Women Like Men Who Are Good With Kids

Good looks and an impressive bank balance don’t define the attraction level in a relationship! It is all about how well the partners connect with each other. Whether it is about their likes and dislikes or something as abstract as approach towards life—two people in a relationship, thinking on the same wavelength, will stick to each other, no matter what.




Women, especially, have a long list of filters that they apply whenever they meet a man. And one of those filters is how good he is with kids. If you are a man who is able to strike a bond with kids, then you are in luck! Here’s a list of reasons why women find men like you irresistible:


1. Patience:

Dealing with kids is not an easy task. One needs to be patient with them. If they really like you for the efforts you put in to spend time with them—that means you have the patience required to babysit or supervise them. Women find that hot!



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2. Responsibility:

Kids are a massive responsibility. From ensuring they eat well and dress good to behave properly and stay away from danger people raising kids have a lot on their plate. If you can manage all that and take their responsibility then you have struck gold with your lady!




3. Not Commitment-Phobic:

Love kids? Good. Because that means you don’t see them as a liability. In fact, you see yourself committed to them. In this time and age, who doesn’t respect a bit of commitment? Women see such men as NOT commitment-phobic. And, that’s good!



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4. Long-Term Attractiveness:

Studies have revealed that men’s good bonding with kids actually predicts their long-term mate attractiveness. This means that men who like kids are seen more masculine and physically attractive. You win!




5. Multitasking Ability:

Can you multitask? Yes, you can especially if you are fond of kids. Since kids are never sitting quiet and need to be supervised at all time it requires you to manage lots of things simultaneously. Women love such reliable men!



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Kids define the later stage of anyone’s life. Most men are hesitant to talk about or even imagine that phase of their lives. But if you really don’t have a problem with kids and you genuinely like them, then women will certainly take note of that!