Players Who Have Won The ‘Golden Boot’ Award In Fifa World Cup

Taking a halt from informing you just about the new trend in fashion for men and men new style we take a plunge into the exciting game of soccer where one of the most popular awards is the Golden Boot award that is given to the top goal scorer in the game. The trophy was known as ‘Golden Shoe’ from 1982 to the Year 2006. The prestigious award in 2014 was given to James Rodriquez of Colombia who kicked six goals during the tournament. Just Fontaine currently holds the unbroken record of scoring 13 goals in a World Cup in 1958.


1. Sandor Kocsis, the player from Hungary is just behind Fontaine’s record as he had scored 11 goals in 1954. This year according to analysts Lionel Messi is amongst the favorites for the ‘Golden Boot’ award as he is likely to score 10-11 goals during the various group matches during the FIFA 2018.




2. Messi will have to match the record of Germany’s Gerd Muller who also scored 10 goals in 1970 World Cup. Football fans also remember the marvelous contribution of the Portuguese player Eusebio whose classical 9 goals were hugely celebrated in the 1966 World Cup.




3. The world-famous soccer player Ronaldo was also awarded the ‘Golden Boot’ Award for scoring 8 goals during 2002 World Cup. Ronaldo equated the record of Argentina’s Guillermo Stabile, who also netted 8 goals in the World’s first tournament in 1930.




4. Way back in 1938, Leonidas of Brazil had scored 7 goals that were later matched by Poland’s Grzegorz in 1974 World Cup. Surprisingly, from the year 1978 to the year 1998, the prestigious award was given to the exceptional soccer players who could score a maximum of six goals during the World Cup matches. In 1978, the award was given to Mario Kempes (Argentina), in 1982 to Paolo Rossi (Italy), in 1986 to Gary Lineker (England), in 1990 to Salvatore Schillaci (Italy), in 1994 the award was shared by Oleg Salenko (Soviet Union) and Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) and in the year 1998 Davor Suker (Croatia) was awarded the trophy.




5. Germany still recalls this prestigious trophy that was awarded to the countrymen Thomas Muller in 2010 World Cup and Miroslav Klose in 2006 for scoring 5 goals each during the most watched game on earth. This award was also given to players Florian Albert (Hungary), Valentin Ivanov (Soviet Union), Drazan Jerkovic (Yugoslavia), Leonel Sanchez (Chile), Vava(Hungary) and Garrincha (Hungary) who could score the maximum of 4 goals during the entire sports extravaganza in 1962 World Cup