Planning a winter holiday? Pack these items first and foremost!

Winter holidays are probably the best kinds of holidays. And some of the best holiday destinations are worth exploring during the winters. But between booking flight tickets and making the hotel reservations, packing for a winter vacation isn’t an easy job. You’d want to pack light, add things that keep you warm in the cold weather and still look good. And your winter vacation can turn into a huge disappointment if you fail to plan your essentials accordingly!

Not sure on how to pack for your winter vacation? Well, we’ve got you covered here. Check out this list of winter essentials that you need to pack first and foremost, to enjoy your winter trip.

1. Basics :

Whether it’s a winter vacation or a summer vacation, you’ll need your basics (underwear, vest, etc.). One secret tip to make your winter travel much easier is to add a thermal pant and a thermal full sleeve top to your basics list and you can then wear your choice of clothes atop these. Carrying thermals along with you has two benefits, one, they’ll be invisible and two; they’ll help to keep your body warm. Life saviour, isn’t it? This travel tip is sure to make your travel packing much easier.


2. Swap tops for sweaters :

Sweaters are cosy and comfy and plus they’ll help to keep you warm in the cold weather. So make a note of it to purchase some good quality sweatshirts and sweater while shopping for your winter vacation. And the key to packing light is to replace the tops for sweaters and not add sweaters to the list!

Gentleman's Gazette
Gentleman’s Gazette


3. Boots not shoes :

If you believe in the one-pair-of-shoes-for-travelling rule, then slip-on boots are the best option to go for your winter travelling. Wondering why boots and shoes? Well, slip-on boots are easy to take on and off while travelling. A black pair of slip-on boots will virtually match to all of your outfits. You can walk for hours in them. Plus, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry faster than any other sneakers and flats. Do you see a reason why you shouldn’t opt for boots?



4. Warm accessories :

Accessories are basically to add some style quotient to your attire. When opting for accessories for the winter travel, settle on the ones that’ll not only add glamour to your attire but also keep you warm. Hats, scarves, gloves, etc. are generally small and easy to fit in your travel pack. Plus, they are great options to add some colour to your otherwise neutral travel wardrobe.

The Idle Man
The Idle Man


5. Basic Essentials :

While packing for clothes for the cold countries, people often forget to pack the essentials. Don’t let the low temperatures get to your skin. Pack a chapstick and a travel size lotion for you along the trip. This will help your skin to stay moisturised and as well prevent your lips from drying out.
Keep this basic travel guide in mind when packing for a winter vacation. You can as well add-on or remove items according to your requirements. Just don’t end up over packing!

Ali Gordon
Ali Gordon