Places That Celebrate a Unique Diwali

Ever wondered if Diwali is celebrated beyond the Indian borders? It may surprise you to know that Diwali is celebrated in a lot of countries in the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Thailand, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, and Singapore celebrate Diwali in their own unique ways.

Read on to discover the traditions associated with Diwali in countries outside of India.



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1. Thailand:

In Thailand, Diwali is known by the name of LoiKrathong. People make beautiful lamps out of banana leaves and set them afloat. Apart from lighting lamps, the festivities include hosting beauty pageants, fireworks show and cultural events. Undoubtedly, Thailand celebrates Diwali with as much as enthusiasm as India.



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2. Nepal:

Known by the name of Tihar, Diwali is celebrated in Nepal for five long days, with each day being dedicated to an animal or a natural life-form. The celebrations end with Bhai Tika during which sisters apply Tika on their brother’s forehead for their long lives.




3. Sri-Lanka:

Sri Lanka, India’s next door neighbour, is home to a major section of Hindu Tamilians who indulge in Diwali celebrations pretty much the same way as Indians. People light up their homes and engage in festivities all through the night. What is really unique about Deepavali in SriLanka is the way they substitute sweets with cute little sugar crystal figurines.




4. Singapore:

Little India, a small Indian locality, in Singapore decorates streets with elaborate overhead lighting during the festival of Diwali. Peacock, our national animal, remains the central theme of Diwali related decorations in Singapore.



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Inspired by unique styles of celebrating Diwali from around the world? How are you planning to celebrate Diwali? Will it be the banana leaf lamps or the sugar figurines ruling your Diwali scene this year?