Most Memorable Dates In World History

As there are some unspoken rules that you need follow before you enter into a relationship, there are also few rules before you adopt current fashion trends for men, and there are also some unspoken dates in recorded history that ‘changed the game’ altogether. Slowly and gradually the dates were responsible for unleashing new era, the turning point in history. Unlike everchanging new fashion trends for men, these dates are still regarded as the most memorable dates in history.


1. 12th March, 1930 :

The Defiant March – Gandhi’s march to Dandi, 240 miles away, in 25 days for a few grains of salt was in defiance to the British tax that forced locals to pay prices for the compound up to 2,000% greater than its production costs. This one march lead thousands of Indian villagers to follow him into the sea to extract salt themselves. With this move, Gandhiji began the nonviolent civil disobedience movement that resulted in end of the British Empire.


1487 - Dandi March


2. Dec. 3, 1967 :

The Transplanted Heart – Christiaan Barnard performed the first heart transplant that ushered a new era in the medical world. Worldwide the faith in the practice of medicine and discovery was reaffirmed. Many young aspirants started choosing medical field as the ultimate choice of profession especially the heart surgery and heart transplantation just due to the single one operation.


1487 - Christiaan Barnard


3. 1st April, 1976 :

Seeding of Apple – With the fun statement saying ‘We’ll make it for 20 bucks, sell it for 40 bucks”” The two guys named Steve, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the idea of inception of a company that would dominate the world. At 25, Wozniak was the technical brains while Jobs, 21, was the dreamer who had the knack for getting others to dream along with him. Although both of them had gone to the same high school but both of them were college dropouts and shared the common interest, interest in burgeoning field of electronics. Who knew this was the turning point into a new era that we all cherish. Steve Jobs did not had place to start so their partnership formally started in a bedroom at his parents’ ranch house in Los Altos, California.