Most Dramatic Group Matches Till Last Minute In 2018 World Cup

If you are keenly following the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, you could never possibly forget the two simultaneous melodramatic Group D matches of Argentina vs. Nigeria and Croatia vs. Iceland. Taking a pause from new male fashion trends and latest fashion trends for men, we present the crucial minute-wise description of how the Argentinian team kept alive their dream of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The two crucial Group D matches Argentina vs. Nigeria and Iceland vs. Croatia were kicked off simultaneously in St Petersburg and Rostov respectively on 26th June 2018.

1. 14th Minute:

Lionel Messi scored the impressive goal and confirmed that Argentina is heading for knockout stage along with Croatia. Clearly, as of now Nigeria and Iceland are out of second-round matches.

2949-14th minute


2. 51st Minute:

The super eagles make a comeback with an impressive goal from Victor Moses, as the goalkeeper dives to his right but misses. This equalizer ensured that Nigeria is moving forward to the next round and the unexpected is about to happen as Argentina and Iceland are moving out.



3. 53rd Minute:

In the simultaneous match of Croatia vs. Iceland, Croatia takes the lead after the Italian player Milan Badelj’s maiden goal to take the score to 1-0. At this stage, if there is no change in Argentina vs. Nigeria, Iceland will have to change the tables and score 1-4 to keep their dream alive like Argentina.



4. 76th minute:

Iceland equalizes the score as Iceland’s Gylfi Sigurdsson make use of penalty after the handball of Dejan Lovren. At this stage, if Iceland and Argentina have to move up, they both need to win by 2-1.



5. 87th Minute:

In the Argentina vs. Nigeria, Marcos Rojo, the defender who also plays for Manchester United, shocks everyone as he steps ahead of Victor Moses to score a goal for Argentina in an inch-perfect cross. At this moment, Argentina has made an at this moment, are through!



6. 90th Minute:

Croatia’s Ivan Perisic scores a goal against Iceland confirming the latter’s exit from the 2018 World Cup. Argentina will face France in the upcoming Round of 16.