League of Interesting Men – 2015 #BeInteresting

Men! What are they, if not interesting? It’s funny when you ponder upon the word ‘interesting’, it’s a very subjective topic and everyone has a different definition. For some it’s dancing to music, walking on the beach with their loved one, being amidst green mountains, doing adventurous activities and so on. Being their adventurous self gets a Man’s adrenaline rushing! They are funny, quirky and whacky when enjoying their favorite adventure. Don’t you agree?

And what if I told you that you can win exciting prizes for being interesting! Being adventurous! Being YOU!

That’s what the “League of Interesting Men” is all about!

The Bonanza is  back with a bang with our “League of Interesting Men” campaign! 15 DAYS, 15 CHALLENGES! – The League of interesting Men is an activity by HE Deodorants which goes on for 15 days, and each day, the participants have to perform an interesting task enlisted by us on the contest website. 15 days, 15 challenges! The objective of this campaign is to give participants a chance to go absolutely crazy while at the same time #BeInteresting for 15 days. Complete them all, and we have something BIG in store for you. It’s a campaign that urges people pan India to showcase their quirky side and win exciting prizes. Interested participants can still get on the band wagon through our micro site http://www.leagueofinterestingmen.com/index.php?l=1. You can also check out glimpse of ‘beinteresting’here:

Leading names like Bani J, Rannvijay and Karun Kundra have come forward to promote this campaign. Today’s youth clearly relates to these icons as they have a reputation of being adventurous, outgoing and interesting, which is exactly what the brand stands for. And to top it off, we are giving away a Mac Book, an iPad mini and 4 drones to the winners! Now who wouldn’t want to win prizes?
Few of their interesting activities include ‘The interesting Mimic’, ‘Pranked out loud’ and ‘Movember before time!’
Are you daring enough to mimic your boss/teacher? Can you pull off an interesting prank on your friend? Dubsmash your favorite Hindi Movie COMIC? Photobomb your friend?
If answer to all these questions is yes, then you are more than eligible to participate in this contest!
So what are u waiting for?

Get. Set. Interesting!