Is First Impression The Last Impression?

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression, but what about a second chance? What does the boy do who realizes his mistake and wants to make another effort? Women mostly have an innate talent to read body language, so if you are genuinely trying, you might just get a chance to rectify that first impression you messed up. /p>

Is First Impression The Last Impression


Follow these little tips if you want to clean up your act and impress that lovely lady.

1. Be comfortable, relaxed and yourself. A fake nervous attitude will do nothing more than make her awkward and distance her even further.



2. Instead of focusing on wooing her, turn out to be a real gentleman whom she can consider a friend too. Make the lady feel comfortable and warm so that you can talk out your misunderstandings. Befriending a girl before actually wooing her is more masculine than you think.

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3. Well, next when you have become a good friend, don’t get friend zoned. Remember you are there to impress her, so it is important that you make her feel the same way about you that you feel about her. This is not a one-way street.



4. As you make your way through gaining her lost trust, make sure you have these attributes ready. When it comes to attraction, women look for men who are confident, socially intelligent and likable. You are not up for the role of her bodyguard, but you still must make her feel protected and safe. However, don’t become the crazy insecure man she must block.

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5. Mostly when men make a bad first impression, it’s generally because you have tried too hard or are unsure of whom you really are. Don’t look desperate; it is not a trait women admire particularly.



6. While you are not over doing anything, don’t forget to be polite and kind. Self-confidence and security are the two things that can help you shine through despite that bad first impression.

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7. Lastly, first impressions do not have to be a deal breaker, if you are ready to turn around and be your true confident self. Respect and treat her with kindness, soon all the damage will have vanished.


While these are not written in stone, if you are authentic, well-mannered and fun, chances are that bad first impression can be turned into good second chances.