Indian sports that we all played as children

The best part of being born in the 90’s was that you didn’t have to worry about gym exercises for men and you could play outside all daylong without being tired enough to come back home. No ‘Mini Militia’, no ‘Pokemon Go’; all you knew was ‘Vish Amrit’ and ‘Unchneechkapapda’. Life revolved around playing games like dog and the bone, khokho and kabaddi. But did you know that these games are being played internationally now? Well, if you did not, then thank us later!


Indian sports that we all played as children

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Let’s take a quick look at some interesting games being played globally.

1. Kabaddi:

During your childhood, an outcry of ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ must have filled you with loads of enthusiasm and joy. This Tamil Nadu originated game is doing wonders internationally now; it is uplifting the spirits of people globally!


Image courtesy : MidDay
Image courtesy : MidDay

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2. Kho Kho:

Wasn’t Kho Khoy our favorite pass time during PT classes in school? You would be surprised to know that this South Asian game is now being played internationally.


Image courtesy: Hunt
Image courtesy: Hunt


3. Kushti:

Kushti is a form of wrestling that takes you back to the days of “Bohot ho gayi pehlwani, ab hoga DANGAL”! Did you know that Pehlwani originated in the Indian Subcontinent? This Indian game is not only doing wonders for the box office collection of ‘Dangal’ or ‘Sultan’ but is also making us proud in international tournaments.



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4. Badminton:

The game of badminton has come a long way from the times of ‘Dhal gaya din, ho gayishaam’. Back then, people used to go gaga over Jeetendra and Leena Chandavarkar, but now the game of badminton is recognized internationally. Thanks to Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu!



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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, stop being dull and start playing those childhood games again because fitness is the latest fashion trend!