How To Win Over Your Girl With That First Kiss

You like this girl. She likes you too. You both have known each other for a long time and the two of you spend a lot of time together. Constant chatting, long drives, and cute, harmless dates at the coffee shop form an integral part of your lives. The next step now, in all sensibility, is to seal your love with that first kiss.You definitely want to and hope that she wants too.




To make things easy, keep these tips in mind to sweep your girl off her feet with the first kiss:

1. Pick The Right Place:

Set the mood by taking her to a place where she feels comfortable. Kissing is an intimate activity and it becomes a lot easier if done at a private (or a less crowded) place. That doesn’t mean you take her to a dark alley and scare the living lights out of her. Take a stroll in the park or a beautiful beach. Be sure to choose a nice, cozy, and romantic spot.



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2. Smell Nice, Dress Smart:

Your first kiss with her should be a memorable one—not the kind she’d want to regret instantly. Therefore, wear something of the latest style. Use fancy grooming products. Don’t overdo it, of course. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth or have a chewing gum before meeting her.




3. Look Into Her Eyes:

Girls like it when their male friends or boyfriends make an eye contact with them. After all, this is a sign of confidence. But remember that gazing into her eyes is one thing and literally staring down at them is another. Hence, look interested, not desperate.




4. Make Her Laugh:

The easiest way to make a girl feel comfortable is by making her laugh. Every girl likes a boyfriend or partner with a good sense of humour. Don’t crack cheesy jokes. Take this as a perfect chance to display your wit.



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5. Hold Her Right:

When you think that the moment is right—take her in your arms. To start with, hold her waist or wrap your arms around her shoulder. Make her feel warm and comfortable with you. Don’t force her to come near you or hold her like you own her. Be a gentleman.



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A girl needs to be treated with respect. Despite what your heart tells you, give her all the space she needs before kissing you. It’s a big thing after all. Make sure everything is perfect when that happens.