How to take care of your hair in winter

Our hair is the best feature we have. It shows how healthy we are. Thick luscious hair indicates a good healthy lifestyle whereas dull hair shows that enough care isn’t taken.

Following are the few ways that you can care for your hair in this cold season-




1. Nourishing shampoo and conditioner:

Invest in a shampoo which has nourishing values. Over shampooing can also cause dryness which is why conditioning your hair overtime you wash it is a must.




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2. Regular oiling:

The cold brings dryness along with it. Applying oil to your hair is a must in order to keep it looking healthy.



3. Aloe gel:

Aloe is known for its many qualities and uses’, applying the gel as a mask on your hair happens to be one of the benefits that can be taken. Use the transparent sticky gel which is in the leave once in a week for thirty minutes to see a huge difference in the quality of your hair.




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4. Serum:

Using a good serum when your hair is damp helps in protecting it from dust and harsh sun. After a hair wash, once your hair is semi dry use a little serum and it will also leave your hair smoother and easier to manage.




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5. Hair spa:

During the cold season, the required moisture is taken away from the scalp leaving it dry. Hence, once or twice a month, it will help your hair regain its lost lushness if you get a hair spa or deep conditioning treatment done.




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6. Easy styling looks:

A lot of heating tools and styling gels may not do good for your hair when the season is cold. It is better if you stick to hairstyles that require minimum of heating tools.




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While it is necessary to follow the above in order to maintain good hair, food also plays a vital part in all this. Hence if you eat clean and a keep a minimum of junk in your diet, your hair will thank you.