How to maintain your bike & stay safe during Monsoons

You are riding the dearest belonging of your life, your motorbike, on a beautiful road with palm trees on either side, amidst a refreshing downpour. Could life BE any better!

Bikes and rain, no matter how dreamy a combination, can often prove to be fatal. When speed brackets with slippery roads, you need to be all the more cautious. So, here are four tips to make your bike riding safe during monsoon.

How to maintain your bike & stay safe during Monsoons

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1. No need to be Michael Schumacher

The adage, ‘Speed thrills, but kills’, grows more intense during monsoon, when the roads are slimy and ready to hug you. Always drive slow on wet roads. Even if your tyres are in perfect condition, they may trick you into falling off.

No need to be Michael Schumacher

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2. Keep a tab on the Tyre pressure :

If the air pressure is low in your bike tyres, your balance will anyway be endangered. Alternatively, if the tyre is ghastly inflated, it may easily slip off on wet roads as the surface of the tyre would barely touch the road. Thus, keep a tab on the tyre pressure, and stay safe on the road during monsoon.

Keep a tab on the Tyre pressure


3. Prevent Rusting & Corrosion :

Aside from the regular service of your bike, you need to take care of some other facets also. Invest some money in making your iron waggon rust-free and smooth. Apply a CVC battery coat on your battery terminal, and a No Rust spray on the screws and metal parts. Cover your bike with a Bike Body Cover so that it staves off the water droplets from seeping through.

Prevent Rusting & Corrosion

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4. Invest in a LED Light Helmet

Well, this one’s both safe and stylish. Buy a helmet with a clear visor as against those gaudy, tinted ones. The latest addition to this safety gear is an integrated LED light that gives you a signal if any vehicle approaches towards you.

Invest in a LED Light Helmet

Stay trendy and safe with these helpful tips. In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry!