How To Handle A Break-Up

Nursing a wounded heart? Too bad! Got dumped by your partner? Or, did you ditch her? In both situations, you have our sympathy! We understand how messy and painful break-ups can be. But, why waste time in pondering over those good times that have passed?




Sure, you had some great moments with your partner. But that doesn’t mean you stop hoping for the best or living your life! Adding to this thought, let us take a look at a few tips on how to mend the broken heart and get past a sad break-up:


1. Resist Stalking Her:

Do you keep checking her Facebook page or Instagram feed continuously? Stop doing that! Ask yourself: “what good is this going to do to you?” Delete her from all social media channels. Block her, if need be. Delete all the text messages and emails. Most importantly, don’t try to reach out to her. In the end, it is only going to make you feel worse!


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2. Stay Single for a While:

Say “no” to rebound relationships and certainly, don’t sleep with the first girl you meet after the break-up! Research has shown that by doing this, you are only going to end up feeling lonelier. Make time for yourself post break-up. Utilize the alone-time on yourself. Pamper yourself!




3. Socialize:

The best way to deal with a break-up is by connecting with family and socializing with friends. This is the time when you need to be around people who deeply care for you and understand you. Lean on them for emotional support. This will greatly improve your psychological well-being and save you from taking rash decisions!



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4. Stay Supremely Busy:

Get down to pure business post break-up. Take up a few hobbies, join the gym, sign up for short career-advancement courses and work harder at office! In short, maintain a strict schedule which leaves you with no time to sit idle. Remember: An empty mind is home to the devil.




Like we said earlier, break-ups can be brutal – which is why you must strive to avoid doing things you’ll later regret. Yes, these are emotional times but then being desperate is not an option! You are only going to make yourself look like a fool, not only in front of your ex-partner but also your own friends and family.

Don’t let your mind pull you into a negative space. Move on with dignity.