How not to be the Creepy Co-worker

You might have been complimented by many on your friendliness and gregariousness, but you must know that there are certain places where you need to keep your enthusiasm and boisterousness in check. Office is one such place. Being overly friendly might make your co-workers perceive you as creepy. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind to avoid that reputation.




1. You Can’t Assume Other People’s Comfort Level with You:

You may be pretty comfortable with someone and trying your hardest to be engaging and interesting but you can still come across as a creep.. You really need to keep a look out for someone who is genuinely responding to your enthusiasm versus someone just smiling politely and trying to edge away.



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2. No Touching:

This is non-negotiable. You are just not allowed to touch anyone unless you are totally sure that they are comfortable with it. The best thing to do, even if you’ve met that person a lot of times, would be to let him or her be in charge of initiating contact so that you aren’t at fault.




3. Maintain Personal Space:

Always keep the distance of an arm’s length between you and anyone else. It’s a safe distance to maintain even if you know someone well. People get really uncomfortable when someone encroaches on their personal space. If you’re in a crowded area and need to squeeze in, then backup as soon as space becomes available.



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4. Don’t corner people:

Boxing people in when you are talking to them and not leaving them with an easy exit option can make people super uncomfortable. It also makes you come off as a total ass if the person in question isn’t okay with it.




5. Sexual Innuendos May Not Amuse Everyone:

You may find your double meaning jokes funny but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. There is a time and a place for such conversations and a professional environment is hardly likely to be one. You should only crack such jokes with people who are very comfortable with you or if the other person starts it.



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So these are just some basic tips to follow. You may be meaning well and just trying to show your interest but by following these you will save yourself from being tagged ‘Mr Creepy’ by your colleagues.