How India won the second T20 match against England

The T20 match between India and England last Sunday was surely an exciting one. India had lost the previous T20 match in the series, and therefore had the pressure of winning this one. When India decided to bat after winning the toss, didn’t you also think that India would build a good score and make it difficult for England to scale it? However, the match was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Let’s go through some of these major twists and turns.

How India won the second T20 match against England

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1.Kohli’s LBW :

Virat Kohli was LBW out when he was at 4 runs, however, the umpire declared it as a not out. Since this was a T20 match, England could not appeal against it. Kohli then helped India to build an early score quickly, till he finally got at 21 runs on 15 balls.

Kohli’s LBW

2.K.L. Rahul saved the day for India’s batting :

All hopes got dashed when Virat Kohli got out and India’s batting pace dropped significantly. However, K.L. Rahul soon picked the pace of India’s batting and scored 71 runs until he got. He, along with Manish Pandey helped India build a score of 144.

K.L. Rahul saved the day for India’s batting

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3.Root’s LBW :

Root took over England’s batting when Billings got out as the first wicket of England. He started off quite well and the match seemed to be completely tinted in the favour of England when Root was LBWed by Jaspreet Bumrah. He had scored 38 runs and had his wicket not fallen in the last over, England would have definitely won.

Root’s LBW

4.Bumrah’s last two overs :

The credit for India’s victory of course goes totally to Jaspreet Bumrah’s stellar bowling. Even though he took only two wickets, one less than three of Nehra, the bowler who took maximum wickets, he gave only 20 runs, which tremendously slowed down England’s run rate, especially in the 18th over.

Bumrah’s last two overs

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The T20 match was surely nail biting and it showed why people love and enjoy this game and format so much. It also proved that even though the English might have invented the game, Indians are still the champions.