Greatest Writers Forgotten By History

Similar to once famous fashion designers, who were widely known to have launched popular fashion trends, there are also some of the finest writers although whose creations were once widely celebrated have now been neglected by the mobile-friendly generation. Beyond the current fashion trends for men and the men new style, we take you through the forgotten writers in the literary world.

Unlike the fashion designers, musicians or filmmakers, authors can fade away completely. There have been cases in the history when their print-runs were pulped, copies were misfiled and their manuscripts were either lost and even banned or burned. Few of the writers were hugely popular, influential and well-known but were quickly forgotten their own lifetimes.

1. To begin with, the three once-famous writers who are unknown today are Elizabeth Daly, JG Farrell, and Billy-Bunter-creator Charles Hamilton aka Frank Richards. They are amongst the chosen few who are in the ‘The book of forgotten authors’ as compiled by Christopher Fowler.

This book highlights the not only once beloved children’s authors but also fiction writers and monarchs of historical romance. Reading about them will ignite you to leave your comfort zones of online ordering and reach out to your nearest second-hand bookshop.



2. We also recommend reading Alexander Baron’s King Dido, as Baron is also supposedly underrated novelists of World War II. As described by Fowler, his book bildungsroman was arguably one of the greatest and least-read novel, famously often labeled as East End version of Les Miserables.



3. Do not miss to search for the works of Mary Elizabeth Braddon, whose novels caused a huge stir in England due to sensuous tone and lurid language especially talking about Victorian era as reflected in her work like Lady Audley’s Secret.

2458 -Mary_Elizabeth


4. Do also read Patrick Dennis’s Auntie Mame, once a bestseller that also inspired the making of two films. Dennis is also supposedly the first writer in history who had simultaneously three books on the New York Times bestseller list. He later famously became the CEO of McDonald’s and never carry forward his passion for writing.



5. Last but not the least look out for the works of Kyril Bonfiglioli, this crime novelist powered the rise of his fictional hero, Charlie Mortdecai. His works became popular posthumously, and fans still think this author had the capabilities to become world famous.