Embarrassed to buy a condom? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

Sex is unarguably the most popular recreational activity but can bear some serious repercussions if done carelessly. However, with minimal investment, you can make this experience both safe and more pleasurable. Yes, we are talking about condoms.

The problem with most men today is that they are embarrassed to buy a condom. Well, here is why there is no reason to be shy:

Embarrassed to buy a condom Here’s why you shouldn’t be


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1. Condoms promote birth control

Needless to mention, birth control is one of the biggest reasons behind their use. If you wish to remain sexually active without the fear of knocking up your partner, then condoms are blissful! In fact, even if you have undertaken other birth control measures, you can still use condoms to ensure double safety.

Condoms promote birth control


2. Condoms prevent STDs

When it comes to birth control, you may resort to other, permanent measures like pills, IUDs or implants. But none of these ensures protection against sexually transmitted diseases the way condoms do. Fatal STDs like HIV AIDS can be prevented with the use of condoms.

Condoms prevent STDs


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3. Condoms are convenient & easily accessible

They take negligible space in your pocket, can be availed from any pharmacy and are awfully easy to use. You don’t need a prescription to purchase them. Their size and portability make them the most widely used tool.

Condoms are convenient & easily accessible


4. Condoms ensure more sexual pleasure & safety

You can enjoy fully with your mate while using a condom, as there is no fear of pregnancy. Besides, with so many types and textures available in the market today, both you and your partner would be guaranteed more fun. Hence, pleasure and protection make this tiny tool all the more important!

Condoms ensure more sexual pleasure & safety


5. There is no delay in fertility after you cease their usage

Condoms are a perfect option for those who aren’t planning pregnancy right away but may want to have a family in the near future. As soon as you wish to plan a baby, just cease the use, and you are good to go! Condoms are a safe, perfectly reversible birth control option with no side-effects.

There is no delay in fertility after you cease their usage


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So, what are you waiting for? Hit the nearest pharmacy right away and make your life safer and more pleasurable!