Desi Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

It’s the time for Halloween! Get yourself up and get ready with the quirky or horror look this Halloween in the Indian style. If you think that the sexy bunny or vampires are the only looks to be carried out on Halloween, you are completely mistaken. Here are some ways to celebrate Halloween the Indian way.




1.Go classic!:

Here is one classic Indian look for all the men out there. Dress up as ‘betaal’ and be the showstopper of the party with this Indian look. All you need to do is wear a white wig and put on some red lip colour (sure your girlfriends have it this season!). Instead of wearing the traditional dhoti, go for saffron coloured dhoti pants and vests. Accessorize your look with a long pearl necklace and some extra foundation on your face to give yourself the pallor of death and horror.


Image Courtesy:YouTube
Image Courtesy:YouTube


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2.Get the corporate feel:

Yes, you read that right. Corporate scenes are nightmares for all those going to the office and also those who have to be there at some point in their lives. And who is the scariest in office? The HR! So tidy up in a suit and wear a placard around your neck saying ‘angry HR’. What can be scarier!



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3.Dress up as the ‘big bhoot’:

Go get the vintage look at Halloween with this style. Wear a shirt, sweater and chequered jacket to add warmth to the ice cold ghostly look. Pre-Halloween parties might help in adding the puffy eyes the natural way. Put on some makeup for the added effect and if you have the salt and pepper hair, you are perfectly cut out to try this look.


Image Courtesy:The Financial Express

Image Courtesy:The Financial Express


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4.Tantric at the party:

Go all black in this look with a string of bones around your neck. Open your tresses if you have long hair, and for those with short hair, get yourself a messy hair wig. You might even want to apply some black nail paint for a more gothic effect. For that halo of smoke around you, you can use incense as an add-on and go in a trance this Halloween!




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Be scary, be quirky this Halloween and dress up the Indian way. Gone are the times when only vampires and Frankenstein were scary; dress up in rags with a plastic snake around your neck, pot in your hand and rock the Halloween!