5 cars you should consider for your first purchase

It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a recent graduate with your first genuine occupation or somebody other than the prototypical first-time auto purchaser, the auto purchasing methodology is never loaded with as much instability as it is the first run through. However regardless of the amount of friendship we produce for our secondary school rummage or skateboard, eventually now is the ideal time to move on.

Here are the 2 cars which you should consider as your first purchase in India:

1. Maruti Swift:

The liability and trust of Maruti, good mileage and low maintenance makes Maruti Swift the best car to consider if you are going to buy the first car of your life. Maruti Swift is powered by an advanced K-series engine which is patented by Maruti. It has an increased power output of 87ps, which makes for a quicker, zippier and overall a more refined driving experience. The diesel version of the Swift is given life by the award winning DDiS engine. The perfect partnership between Turbochargers and Intercoolers makes combustion far more efficient and gives the new Swift additional torque. The DDiS engine also works on the DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) system which boosts performance by leaps and bounds. The 16-valve Cylinder Head initiates better fuel combustion and cleaner emissions. The diesel variant boasts a mileage of 22.9 kmpl and the petrol version gives a mileage of around 18.6 Kmpl, quite good, isn’t it?


Image Courtesy – http://autoportal.com/img/new-cars-gallery/maruti/suzuki-swift/exterior/001206d/maruti-suzuki-swift-001206d-1280×1024.jpg


2. Hyundai i10:

Hyundai’s i10 has a youthful styling that delivers a high quality of sophistication both inside and out. The 1.0 MPi gasoline engine delivers maximum power of 66 ps at 5,500 rpm and maximum torque of 9.7 kg·m at 3,500 rpm. An aluminum cylinder block and head make for better fuel efficiency. Drive without worries with various standard safety features such as ESC, ABS, VSM and 6-airbag system to just name a few. With the i10, you get a mobile experience that redefines convenient. The steering wheel remote control, full auto air-conditioning system and smart key are available features. If safety is your priority while driving then this car is just for you.


Image Courtesy – http://blog.gaadikey.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Hyundai-i10-now-could-be-your-taxi-in-India.jpg


3. Renault XBA:

Looking for something new and different from the regular on-the-road-show? You must wait for the upcoming Renault XBA. Renault is looking to capitalize with the most affordable Renault car worldwide! The French car maker’s upcoming hatchback based on the upcoming Datsun Redi-Go concept will be a prominent looking little car. Funky interiors, good fuel economy & cost effective solution, the hatchback will be powered by a new still-in-process 800cc BR-Series petrol engine. Based on the Common Modular Family – Affordable, a low cost platform, Renault XBA’s price is expected to start at under Rs. 4 lakh ex-showroom.


Image Courtesy – http://www.zigcdn.com/media/content/2015/May/renault-kwid-pictures-zigwheels-25052015-m3_720x540.jpg


4. Honda Brio-Based Compact SUV:

As the interest for compact SUVs is growing in India, we intend to put light on an affordable & promising USV from Honda that is expected to launch this year – Brio-Based Compact SUV. The company is said to have been working on a compact SUV based on the Brio platform. If you didn’t know already, the Amaze is also built on the same platform. The Honda Brio-based compact SUV is expected to employ the same 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol and 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel mill, which also powers the Amaze. Expected price range for the amazement is Rs. 6.50 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh.


Image Courtesy – http://www.indiacarnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Honda-Vision-XS-1-front.jpg


5. Maruti Alto 800:

Last but not the least – Maruti Alto 800 is one of the best selling cars we all have heard about. Undergone many modifications, the 795cc engine of the vehicle provides maximum torque of 69 Nm and the petrol variant of the car delivers 22Kmpl while the CNG version delivers a marvelous mileage of 30kmpl. What more can we say? With a low price tag, this beauty suits Indian roads and provides high ground clearance like no other. Relatively low maintenance cost, provides great comfort, spacious interiors, the vehicle is one of the great choices you will make this season!


Image Courtesy – http://www.compare2cars.com/Alto_wallpaper-1.jpg


Guys and car have a different relationship altogether. A guy loves his car more than anything else in the world and when it’s his first car the love has no limits. So, go on guys buy your first car and show it to the world!