3 cars perfect for a road trip

Who doesn’t like a good road trip with friends or family to get away for the weekend? Everyone does and it is essential that the choice of vehicle for the trip is perfect. A smooth car makes the drive worthwhile and ensures that everyone has a great time.

While choosing the car, keep in mind the road and weather conditions and above all traffic. A SUV is best suited to Indian roads because it’s more spacious and hence more comfortable. Better visibility, high ground clearance and much more durable makes it the best choice.

1. The Stylish and Masculine Nissan Terrano:

This electrifying SUV model is sturdy, spacious and cost efficient. It can easily accommodate 5 passengers and has plenty of boot room for a road trip. A diesel engine that ensures optimum utilisation, this entry level SUV priced around 13 lakh is a driver’s delight. Its rugged nature will safely take you through the rockiest of Indian terrains.




2. Go Anywhere with the Toyota Fortuner:

Are you apart of a social circle who like to explore new far flung places? If yes, then Toyota’s Fortuner is the SUV tailor made for you. It can easily seat 7 people. The 3rd row of seats can also be used to place the luggage comfortably. Whether you want to cross the jungle or move uphill on the mountain ghats, this SUV doesn’t disappoint you. A gentle steering system and a proficient diesel engine makes the SUV totally worth the 22 lakhs t is priced at.


Image courtesy: indiancarsbikes.in


3. Drive Smooth With Land Rover Freelander 2:

This car belongs to the second generation of Freelander series and is priced at a high value of close to 49 lakhs. The model has been upgraded recently and can counter any type of road conditions. It can move swiftly through the rough rocky terrains and is a extremely smooth on straight roads. It has an option which allows you to select the mode for off road drives. The 5 seater SUV is smartly designed with classy and comfortable interiors.


Image courtesy: http://bharatlines.com/


Road trips are a wonderful way to explore and bring out the traveller within you. To make the trip memorable and easy make sure you choose a vehicle that is sturdy, comfortable and supportive through the rough courses.