Best Low Tax Rate Countries You Must Know

If you have loads but if you are unable to save it in a right manner, then you are probably unaware of the possibilities that exist. It’s like having lots of clothes in your wardrobe but if they are not according to mens latest fashion, then you have just accumulated something without any returns. To help you out, we present you not only the latest men fashion trends but also the ways to keep you smart enough to park your money in countries or territories where taxes are assessed at a low or nonexistent rate!According to reports, 367 out of Fortune 500 have subsidiaries in the given below tax-haven nations around the globe.

1. Bermuda:

Bermuda offers a zero percent corporate tax rate and no personal income tax rate. This British overseas territory is hugely popular with US firms that seeks to reduce the tax bill by shifting the profits.




2. Netherlands:

The other most popular tax haven among the Fortune 500 companies is Netherlands, according to reports more than half of the Fortune 500 have at least one subsidiary in Netherlands. This Benelux country has often used tax incentives to lure businesses to invest in the country.





The next Benelux country Luxembourg is also widely known for business-friendly laws. According to reports, this country also allows various tax incentives, zero percent withholding taxes and large-scale profit shifting!




4.Cayman Islands:

One of the best British Overseas territory with laws that allows corporation to be formed and also retain assets without paying taxes!





Singapore is hugely popular as a destination for smart businessmen as it actually has only nominal corporate tax rates and lucrative tax incentive policies




6. Channel Islands:

It is located between England and France, having two Crown dependencies: the Bailiwick of Jersey andthe Bailiwick of Guernsey, consisting of Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and some smaller islands.Islands is reported to have numerous international corporate subsidiaries. According to reports the Channel Island of Jersey, has no inheritance tax, capital gains tax or standard corporate tax!




7. Isle of Man :

Ranked by the World Bank as the 5th richest nation in the world by GDP, this self-governing nation has no capital gains tax, turnover tax or capital transfer tax. This place also offers numerous pension benefits.




8. Mauritius:

It is the best location for investmentsdirected to India for the mega-corporations. This small island has a low corporate tax rate, has no withholding tax and also does not participate in any international transparency initiatives!