Best Gestures To Get Creative With Food

You often want to surprise everyone around you. You are always looking for the funniest, the craziest, the wackiest ideas that can make people smile, giggle and laugh out loud. So, leaving behind the latest men fashion trends and latest fashion styles for men, we tell you some simple gestures to get creative with food.

1. Reduce everything to minimum size:

The best way to enjoy food with creativity is by reducing the size of your serving. Instead of loading up with all the favorite delicacies, reduce it to a minimum. You need to shrink the size of utensils you serve, make it smaller. Reduce the dish size, use baby forks, scale down the cup size and use even the tiniest available pitcher. Not only kids but also your partner will be thoroughly amazed. Drink in small quantities, sip and bite delicately. You will just relish this way of consuming the food.



2. Make fruity delights:

Fruits and veggies are the best embellishments for showcasing creativity in the food. Take oranges, make a tree and mix up yellow banana to kiwi to add color to your food figures. Cabbage is always useful to add human element especially when you intend to make a Santa on Christmas. Making red Santa caps with cherries is also not a bad idea for your kid’s party.



3. Serve in face plates:

Create faces on the plates using varied food items. You can make simple eyes, nose, mouth, and hairs by spaghetti, green beans, peas, tortilla bread or salsa. Invite your friends to an amazing food party that they will not only love to eat but also click and share the pics on Instagram and Facebook.



4. Make ingenious noises while munching bites:

When you and your kids, friends are gobbling broccoli trees in mashed-potato landscapes, big rhino burgers or an elephant-shaped sandwich make loud noises to sound like one.