Auto Gear Shift: Should You Go For It?

If you are a new car buyer in India, the first thing to cross your mind is whether or not to go for an auto gear shift. Now before we discuss this gear system, it is necessary to understand what “shifting” actually means. As you increase the speed, your engine’s RMPs also increase (Check the gauge and “tachometer” on the dashboard).




Now if the “tachometer” needle reaches the red line area on the gauge, it can cause serious damage to the car’s engine. To avoid this, it is important to make timely gear shifts whenever you rev up the engine. In a car with automatic transmission, you don’t have to worry about it at all.




1. Convenient:

An auto gear shift allows you to focus on the road. You can even multitask because there’s no need to touch the gear manually. So you can eat a sandwich, drink coffee, talk on bluetooth, etc. in “stop and go traffic” which otherwise is simply fatiguing.


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2. Fast:

Your car will shift gear faster than you if you do it manually. This is extremely helpful in situations where you want to accelerate quickly just as you hit the highway. An auto gear shift makes achieving this pretty simple.


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3. Less Flexibility:

If you are a car lover and find peace in revving up the engine and changing gears, then you will not be mighty impressed with this new feature simply because it does half of your work. As an enthusiastic driver, you would like the control over your vehicle. Unfortunately, that is not present here.


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4. More Fuel:

The torque converter in the car with auto gear shift has more transmission losses. This, in turn, causes loss in fuel economy. Hence, say bye to better mileage.


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5. Expensive:

The auto gear shift is such a complex system that it is hard to maintain or replace. So if your system, by chance, becomes faulty, it will get difficult to restore it to its original condition.



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Even though the technology is comparatively new and hard to find, it is a great development in the automobile industry. The auto gear shift has made driving easier on the roads of India and actually made it fun for those who find it otherwise.