Are You In One-Sided Love? How To Cope Up

Have you seen the 2006-film “The Holiday”? It’s a wonderful Hollywood film with an amazing star cast including Kate Winslet. Her character is in love with this office colleague of hers for a long time but the problem is he doesn’t know. It’s a strong example of “one-side love”.




Are you in a similar situation as well? You like this girl but she doesn’t like you back? If Cupid didn’t hit you both but just you then this is a sad situation you must take charge of.

Coping up with one-side love affairs is a path you don’t want to take but you’ll be surprised to know how beautiful it is:


1. Hurt Is Temporary:

Always remember this! She might be dating or getting married to someone else but if you don’t allow yourself to get hurt by the most serious of situations, you would not get affected.

And even if you do, the impact of it will be so tiny that it will hardly bother you after a couple of weeks. But this is possible only if you think that hurt is temporary and “this too shall pass”.



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2. Do Things That Make You Happy:

Whether it is about going to the movies, drinking with friends, spending time at a book shop or lunching out by yourself it is important to do exactly what makes you happy.

Remember: You don’t need to depend on anyone to do things you like the most. You must learn to be self-reliant and have fun with your own company.




3. Take One Day At A Time:

Focus on what’s happening with you right now. Don’t dwell in the past and certainly don’t make situations that will never happen in the future. Negative thinking is futile and will not take you anywhere.

Hence, take each day as it comes. It will ease your pain and give you smaller goals to achieve.dling one-sided love is easy if you learn how to live life within the comfort of small-scale accomplishments.



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4. Socialize More:

Spend more time with those people who love you back! Be it your parents, friends or colleagues make an effort to be around people who “like” you for who you are. Why waste time on someone who doesn’t care about you or even know you exist?!




Boost your confidence and increase your happiness levels by doing what you want, hanging out with people who actually matter and finally, keeping a positive attitude about life! Remember: You can conquer it all with the right way of living!