All You Need To Know About Airbags

Today, airbags are considered as essential safety equipment in the cars. Hence you need to more about airbags. It protects you in cases of fatal collision by limiting the impact of the airbag. If you are planning to buy a car with airbags, then you mustn’t think twice. Here is a comprehensive list of information on airbags for you.


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1. Understanding What Are Airbags:

As already mentioned, airbags are safety devices that appear in the form of fabric bags. On the driver’s side, these bags are attached with the steering wheel. In some cars, the passenger side is also provided with airbags where this device is attached with the left side of the dashboard.



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2. Basic Mechanism Of The Device:

The airbags are designed in such a manner that they inflate instantaneously and then deflate with equally rapidness during the time when the car meets with a crash event. The basic purpose of this inflation and deflation is to provide the occupants at the front seat of the vehicle a soft cushion so that they can withstand the impact of the crash and steer clear of accidental injury.



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3. Components Of The Device:

Traditionally, an airbag comprises of two units. While one unit is the inflator, the other one is the fabric based airbag which gets inflated when air is exerted inside it. However, the entire mechanism consists of three units: the airbag model, a diagnostic unit and the crash sensors. Some airbag units might even come with switches for putting them on or switching them off as and when required.



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4. Function As Supplemental Device:

Some of you might have an assumption that you might not need to wear your seat belts at all when your car comes equipped with airbags. But this notion is totally incorrect. Airbags basically act as supplemental safety devices. Therefore, they give you optimal safety when you wear seatbelts too while driving.




To conclude, airbags prevent occurrence of severe injury to the driver and the passenger at the front seat due to accident collisions with the steering wheel and other hard parts of the car interiors. So, while buying cars ensure that they are equipped with airbags top assure your safety while driving.