Acts Of Kindness That You Must Begin Your 2016 With

Spreading kindness and positivity should be everyone’s prime objective. However, given the kind of world we live, it sometimes becomes difficult to even imagine this! Have you ever yourself tried spreading kindness among others? Yes, kindness is a funny expression and may not necessarily appeal you. But it hardly takes a second to put a smile on someone’s face through a compliment or a gesture!




Scroll down to unveil six simple acts of kindness you must start 2016 with:

1. Teach An Unprivileged Kid:

Be it your housekeeper’s kid or street children everybody has the Right to Education. Start tutoring such unprivileged kids for free. Join an NGO or start doing it on your own.




2. Do Charity:

Go through all your possessions. Make a list of clothing, shoes, books and other items you don’t require anymore. Donate those things to someone who needs them more than you do. Use your comfortable position to better someone else’s life.



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3. Offer A Meal To The Needy:

You don’t think twice in eating out or even wasting food on several occasions. Hence, buying a hot meal for someone who is poor shouldn’t make your heart cringe! Also, don’t bin leftovers. Give them to the needy.



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4. Share Books:

If you are a bibliophile, then you are aware of the happiness books bring. Starting this month, try sharing a book you really love with a dear one. This way, you are not just lending a book but also making that person happy.




5. Help Generously:

Whether it is covering up for your colleague at work or lending money to a relative-in-need, offer a helping hand wherever you can. Your support may not necessarily change that person’s current situation but small yet comforting gestures from your side would mean the world to him or her.




6. Be A Good Listener:

Sometimes, it is important to lend an ear to those who desperately need to vent out their feelings. In these types of situations, just being there with full attention is all that matters. Have a conversation with that person to understand the problem better. Make him or her feel wanted or loved in such times of distress.



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Take a pledge to strive to be kind today. It is never too late for a good cause. As philosopher Seneca the Younger once articulately put, “wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness”; grab that opportunity one step at a time generously”.