A Valentine’s Day Guide for Happy Singles

Are you bragging about being single this Valentine’s Day? Well, don’t! V-Day seems like a dagger to the heart for all the singles. But it’s all in the head. You can celebrate this day of love better than all those lovey-dovey couples out there. Check out our list of To Do’s to be a happy single this February.

A Valentine’s Day Guide for Happy Singles


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1.Splurge on yourself:

Isn’t it just amazing that you don’t have to waste money on your girl’s endless demands!? It’s time to binge on you and lose some pocket weight on the latest men’s fashion. Grab that expensive suit you were gawking at from the window. Get a soul-soothing spa done. Or get those pricey sunglasses to dance on ‘Kaala Chashma’!

Splurge on yourself


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2.It’s time for a Bachelor Trip:

Watch ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and inspire yourself and your other single friends to create lifetime memories. There’s no better time than 14th February to get away from all those superficially mushy couples who drive you crazy. Bachelor trips are the most timeless thing to do with your buddies.

It’s time for a Bachelor Trip


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3.Go movie-watching with family:

Hasn’t it been long since you last spent time with your mom and dad? What is a better time than Valentine’s Day to make these loved ones feel special? Book tickets for your family or grab one at home; and relish the popcorn and coke with your nephews and nieces!

Go movie-watching with family

4.Pamper yourself at a fancy restaurant:

The fear of huge bills at all those luxury eateries surely takes your appetite away if you go with your girlfriend. It’s finally time to get some peace and enjoy a scrumptious meal all by yourself!

Pamper yourself at a fancy restaurant

Now get over all the cribbing and cursing this Valentine’s. It’s time to love yourself and be a happy single!