7 Things That #TheInterestingValentine Will Do For His Girlfriend on 14th February

Starting your day with a call wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day, buying her a bouquet of red roses and heart shaped balloons, and then going for a movie followed by dinner is so 90s. She must be pretty excited about Valentine’s Day and you certainly don’t want to bore and disappoint her with clichéd, drab, and done-to-death Valentine’s Day ideas.




So, before she gets upset with you, give her the surprise of her life by being #TheInterestingValentine. Wondering how you can do that? Here are some amazing ideas to spice up your romance this Valentine’s Day.


1. Normal Guy:

Takes her out on a long drive

The Interesting Valentine:

Takes her out on a road trip for a weekend getaway to an offbeat place she has never heard about.




2. Normal Guy:

Brings flowers for her

The Interesting Valentine

Sends different gifts for her every hour- chocolates, orchids, books, donuts, until they meet.



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3. Normal Guy:

Takes her for a movie

The Interesting Valentine:

Sets up a mini theater in the garden and binge watches her favourite romantic movies with her.

Image Courtesy: www.inmyinterior.com
Image Courtesy: www.inmyinterior.com


4. Normal Guy:

Gets her a cake

The Interesting Valentine:

Learns baking on Youtube and bakes a cake for her.


Image Courtesy: www.1.bp.blogspot.com
Image Courtesy: www.1.bp.blogspot.com


5. Normal Guy:

Dedicates a song for her over the radio

The Interesting Valentine:

Records and shoots her favourite romantic song, recreating similar visuals, and makes it go viral with his friends’ help



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6. Normal Guy:

Takes her to the mall for shopping

The Interesting Valentine:

Secretly checks her wish list on her favourite e-shopping apps, orders her favourite items on it, and schedules the delivery as an early morning Valentine’s Day surprise.


Image Courtesy: www.cdn.pariscityvision.com
Image Courtesy: www.cdn.pariscityvision.com


7. Normal Guy:

Takes her out for a romantic dinner

The Interesting Valentine:

Goes camping with her on mountains and has self-cooked dinner around the bonfire.




8. Normal Guy:

Dresses up in simple jeans and t shirt

The Interesting Valentine:

Puts on the clothes she loves seeing him in- a well-tailored suit, leather jacket, or whatever it is, and wears HE deodorant perfume that makes her fall in love with him all over again.



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These awesome and interesting ideas will make sure that the sparks of your romance shine even more brightly, making Valentine’s 2016 become a milestone in your relationship. So get up, pick one of these ideas, and make this Valentine’s Day the best memory of her life by being #TheInterestingValentine.